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When there are no teeth in the mouth the solution is to place full dentures in the mouth to replace and restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth.

Removable Bridges

When there is an absence of several teeth in the mouth and a more economical option is sought, the removable bridges are the best option, because with the same device it is possible to replace all the missing teeth and this device is retained in the mouth by anchored hooks.

Fixed Bridges

When one or more dental pieces are missing, by means of fixed bridges (crowns) they can be replaced. This is that there is a need to reduce the anterior tooth and the posterior tooth of the absent one to close the gap.

The materials are porcelain metal, zirconium, gold...

Dental Crowns

It is the indicated treatment in teeth with extensive caries, fractured, after a endodontics or little aesthetics.

They can be in different materials, such as gold, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia...


It is the last treatment carried out, when the cavitie is extremely extensive or the teeth can not be restored and consists of taking the tooth out of the mouth.

Rooth Canal Therapy

It is the treatment to avoid extracting a tooth. It is done when the carious lesion is very large and does not allow the use of a filling. It consists of the elimination of infected pulp tissue allowing the tooth to remain in the mouth. Later this same tooth can be rehabilitated with a post and crown.

White Fillings

It is the treatment that is performed when the patient presents a carious lesion on a tooth. We proceed to eliminate the decayed tissue, leaving healthy tissue to later fill with a material of the same color as your tooth.

Dental Cleaning and Tartar Removal

It is the ideal treatment that helps us to eliminate tartar, dentobacterial plaque and elimination of superficial spots on teeth caused by smoking or drinking beverages with a high content of colored pigments, such as coffee or red wine.


Muela Dental was born in 1993, like a dream of a dentist recently graduated from the School of Dentistry in Tijuana. Our first location was on Constitution Ave. 8023 between 5th and 6th streets in downtown Tijuana. It is January of 2015 that we make the change of address to Playas de Tijuana, now located at Paseo Pedregal 2308 Seccion El Dorado, it has been a fabulous 25 year adventure working on what we like the most: MAKING SMILES! Many patients have passed in this time, many patients who are still faithful and others who have been accumulating in the time lived, but never losing the enthusiasm to do what we like, performing dental treatments, trying to be conservative and giving up the last option to save a tooth. It has been important to create an atmosphere of trust in our patients trying to make them feel like members of our own family and therefore offer them the treatment options that we would choose for a member of our house. More than patients, we try to make friends and be able to accompany them for many years and now also to their children. I give thanks to God and my patients, for doing every day, my best day and allowing me on the way to do what I like the most .... to practice my profession as a Dentist.

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